Work done now back to #Epcot with @codyrodriguez and meet up with @skylor! (at Epcot)

What a super fun day at #disneyworld with @CodyRodriguez! (at Epcot Monorail Station)

Time for day two at #DisneyWorld #MagicKingdom with @CodyRodriguez:-) (at Magic Kingdom® Park)

All is right in the world now that we have our #Disney #brunch #mimosas (at Imperium Food & Wine)

Having such a fun time at #DisneyWorld! (at Characters In Flight)

Racing through the airport’s Skylink to catch my flight. Fingers crossed I can make it in time. (at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW))

Enjoyed a delicious double espresso with Mom :-) (at Black Hole)

Mission accomplished! Thanks @Philzcoffee! (at Philz Coffee)

I’m off to San Francisco! Can’t wait to touch down. (at San Diego International Airport (SAN))

My city is pretty darn cool. (at Rich’s)

Proof that it does rain in San Diego! (at san diego)

Had so much fun exploring the pier with @mseche! (at Imperial Beach Pier)

What a lovely #California #coast #sunset! (at La Jolla Cove)

This is one of my favorite San Francisco experiences. A perfectly crafted #cappuccino and a warm almond #croissant on a brisk Saturday morning. (at Thorough Bread and Pastry)

A bespoke bouquet of #flowers for a really special someone. (at Not Just Flowers)