Southern California Fires

On the way home from my first trip up to Long Beach California traffic came to a halt as we approached a smokey sky. Just across the mountains a large fire was raging.

I pulled over to the side of the road to take this picture. It’s too bad something this beautiful causes so much destruction.

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I was lucky enough to get some time while in Los Angeles to connect with my friend Joey, a recent transplant from Florida. He suggested we meet up in Hollywood for the farmers market. This seemed like a great photo opportunity to play with my Pentax MX-1 so off we went to meet Joey and his roommate Nick.

The produce was delicious and looked beautiful. We picked up some amazing goat cheese, listened to the live music and watched a girl tapping out poems on demand through a vintage mechanical typewriter. Sadly we didn’t come across any celebrities.

I suppose there is always next time for celebrity hunting.

Hollywood Farmers Market I was lucky enough to get some time while in Los Angeles to connect with my friend Joey, a recent transplant from Florida.

Honor Bar Beverly Hills

Last week my mother and I went to Beverly Hills to try out Wolfgang Puck’s steakhouse, Cut. We got to town early and after a long drive from San Diego, we’d worked up a bit of an appetite.

So we hit up Yelp and came across Honor Bar. The food was delicious, the wine list on point and our waitress was great. I see now why it has nearly 500 reviews with an average rating of 4.5.

I felt compelled to…

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Delicious after dinner #gelato! (at Pappalecco)

And You Thought This Blog Was Ignored

And You Thought This Blog Was Ignored

It’s now officially been over a year since I last updated my photoblog. It kind of blows my mind considering photoblogs should take a lot less work than a wordy blog like this does to maintain. The process should be quite simple:

  1. Take a picture
  2. Process the photo
  3. Write a few sentences about the photo
  4. Post the photo


Yet here I am, without a post in 12 months. What a mess. Luckily I’ve promised…

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Just had the best #almond #croissant since leaving San Francisco! (at Carlsbad French Bakery Cafe)

Absolutely delicious Quattro Formaggio #pizza from @isolapizza! (at Isola Pizza Bar)

The Studio is Live

The Studio is Live, Tardis and all!

After tons of research, contemplation, internal fights over whether I was crazy or not and lots of consultation with my “production engineerCody I finally made my podcasting studio decisions. Even more, I acted on them.

Doctor Who Podcast Studio

That’s the studio as it is today, Tardis and all. In fact, when I posted an earlier version of this image on Facebook, almost the only thing people could focus on was my giant…

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Happy #SDPride! Thanks @donutbar for the delicious and colorful treats! (at Donut Bar)

Eeek! I’m Going Forward With It!

Eeek! I’m Going Forward With It! Podcasting here I come!

After weeks of deliberating on whether or not I should start a podcast, followed by weeks of debating on the equipment I should purchase, I finally make the leap and clicked the “Buy Now” button on Amazon.


I made some major changes from my original plan for this studio. The most obvious one is that instead of having a four-person setup from the beginning I’ll be doing a three person show. If I…

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I just love the sunsets here… (at Ocean Beach - Sunset Cliffs)

Delicious seared ahi with soba noodles! (at Werewolf)

@jayrod624 surprised @codyrodriguez and I with his homemade Peach Fritters! So delicious!

2014 Professional Podcast Studio

Welcome to the fourth and final installment of my podcast equipment buying guide. This guide breaks down the buying decisions for someone who wants to go from zero to podcasting superhero. Everything in this setup is pro-level and you’d be hard-pressed to find someone with a better setup that wasn’t just trying to show off.

This package was put together based on what the leaders of the podcasting…

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2014 Budget Podcast Studio

Welcome to part two of my podcast equipment buying guide. This guide covers all the basics for a great sounding, mid-budget podcasting setup. I’m calling it the “Budget” podcasting studio but I promise it’s better than most podcasting setups out there. It’s probably better than a lot of the setups your favorite podcasts have. Seriously, you’d be amazed…

Earlier I wrote up a “Bare Bones”…

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